• is for high quality.

  • is for see-through – we have nothing to hide.

  • is for eco - as we don't transport products from distant locations, we support the European economy. We also are eco-friendly by supporting local markets.

  • is for the responsibility we take: for our company, our employees, clients, and contractors.

  • is for trade which we make fair.

About us

Our company’s history started in the year 2010 in the best possible way, from a dream and a good idea. The company’s founders Tomasz Tałaj and Damian Marcinkowski for many years lived and worked in Munich. It is a vibrant city, often called the capital of the German way of life, which proved to be fruitful in the inspiration to start their own business.

It started modestly, with the sale of clothing; drawing their attention to its uniqueness. It turned out that they have a good eye, and above all, an excellent sense to the customers’ needs. They were also quick to recognize the benefits of transferring business to border areas. In a short time, they created two divisions of the company with broad warehouses: in Radekow in Germany and Lubieszyn in Poland.

Our sensitivity to the needs of the buyers, has been our stimulus for expansion. We saw that many of our clients have definite expectations, which – acting only as a seller – we were not able to meet. Not because we didn’t want to! Simply because such products often were not available for sale. So we decided to fix that ourselves.

In 2014 in southern Poland arose a third branch, acting only as the manufacturing sector of the company, which employs experienced tailors and designers. Supervision of the production gave us greater freedom of action and was reflected in the high quality and diversity of the products being offered.

Dreams, good ideas, knowledge of the industry, and logistic sense, made the two-person partnership evolve into a thriving commercial and manufacturing company, which employs 70 experienced workers. Together we form a close-knit and professional team who strive daily to meet the expectations of both our customers and business partners. 

About us


HISERT is present in the fields of production and trade – currently the company’s offer consists of having created their own brand of clothing, all of which is made from the highest possible quality. By purchasing our products, the customers are assured that they are buying a safe, local, made in the spirit of fair trade, product. Being an international company – paradoxically – we work locally, bringing in materials exclusively from Europe, and here as well the production process is situated.

We are constantly developing, in order to capture more branches and markets. All these measures, however have their focus on quality and integrity. We respect ourselves, as well as our employees, customers, and business partners. All of it is worth it, we are assured of this by our unending passion for continuous operation and devising new plans. Our success is a stable development. HISERT is a responsible company, whose brands have best served the largest possible public. We are striving for their satisfaction, giving a sense of tranquility concerning the quality and reliability of our products.