Fashion is our greatest and only zeal. A passion which we have maximal involvement in. We constantly strive to develop and cultivate it, in order to achieve our full potential. That’s why we can easily recognize and appreciate similar passion in others work. Here is the list of manufacturers, whose creativity, professionalism, and constant strive for perfection are very close to ours. We proudly work with them, distributing their products.


ALLES is the perfect example of passion and full commitment – at every stage in creating the product – pays off. A family company, whose goal is set at creating unique women’s underwear that will meet their expectations, quickly gaining great recognition and a multitude of devoted clients. As a result the small family run establishment, ALLES transformed into a large, modern, and resilient company that creates truly unique underwear, cultivating the highest European standards. Any women who appreciated comfort and elegance, will find something for them!


Aqua, water - it is not difficult to guess that behind this name hides a valued producer of swimwear. AQUARILLA’s priority is to ensure a perfect appearance and maximum comfort of its clients, while relaxing on the beach or pool. An always fashionable design, great Italian materials, precise workmanship and a wide selection. All this makes the company successfully complete its mission, to give the full satisfaction of European women who put their trust in their products.


The company specializes in the production of high-quality and variety of swimwear, which continues to appeal to a very broad group of women. VERANO products are characterized by their solid workmanship, modern design, lots of unique features and the use of high-quality materials. Whether you want to stand out in a beach crowd, or perhaps prefer more low-key solutions – VERANO will offer you exactly what you are looking for.


High-quality. Comfort. Rich designs – this is the motto that guided the company CORNETTE from the very beginning of its activities. This well-known and respected underwear company directs its offer to both men, women, and children. To say the CORNETTE can dress the whole family, is not far from the truth. At the same time it maintains its responsibilities, keeping up with the highest European and world standards (e.g. OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100). Pajamas, boxer shorts, panties, thongs – is only part of the range of products offered by CORNETTE. Comfortable cuts, skin-friendly materials and a variety of designs made the company over the years keep a strong position in the European market.


Producer of swimwear that will meet the expectations of the most demanding women. FEBA does not compromise between quality, functionality, and design. According to the company, a good swimsuit must be both comfortable and beautiful. Moreover, it must look great on the body, and if necessary… to improve her appearance! These ambitions are fully reflected in FEBA’s products. Innovative solutions model the figure. Durable construction, which will be loved my women with large breasts. Modern, breathable materials include a range of unique features, such as resistance to UV radiation, chlorine, sea salt, or stretching. All this makes FEBA, fiercely conquer the European market, constantly winning and – most of all – maintaining the trust of its clients.


Producer of modern, high-quality linen dedicated primarily to women. However, with GATTA’s wide variety, men and children will also find a number of interesting proposals, tailored to their needs. The company’s logo refers to the silhouette of a cat, and likewise GATTA with feline grace won the hearts of its satisfied customers and clients.   Tights, bodysuits, briefs, underwear, bras, pajamas, tops, functional dresses – GATTA offers all this and more. The company’s assortment will also be found both elegant, classic, practical solutions as well as a little less obvious, original cuts. And everything is made of high-quality, often enriched with valuable features, modern materials.


Women’s underwear which can be used for every season, occasion, and mood. GORTEKS is an experience manufacturer, which uses modern technology and properly selected, high-quality materials. The needs and expectations of the customers always come first here. Whether you’re planning a romantic date, holiday getaway, workout in the gym, receptions, or maybe just a normal day at work awaits you – in the offer of this manufacturer will always be found something just right for any occasion.

Italian fashion

Respected European manufacturer, which specializes in producing underwear and nightwear for women, men, and children. The company places a strong emphasis on the quality and style of its products, successfully combining advanced production technologies with unique craft. The result is a comfortable, well-made and precisely finished products, which are characterized by unique and stylish designs. ITALIAN FASHION products will be appreciated by anyone who values high-quality, comfort, and original style.


The art of creating comfortable, practical, and fashionable robes are not any secret to the company L&L.  In the extremely rich offer by L&L you will find robes in a wide range of cuts, colors, and patterns, designed for women, men, and children. Long, short, fluffy, light, classic, original, solid-colored, or colorful. The choice is really huge. Moreover, L&L also produces excellent quality pajamas. Many years of experience, precise specialization coupled with continuous improvement in production methods, as well as sewing based on natural materials of the highest quality – all this makes L&L products synonymous with extraordinary comfort, convenience, and a beautiful appearance.


Producer of innovative footwear for moth children and adults. Slippers, Wellingtons, boots, or snow boots made of modern materials, which surprised in its lightness and strength. Shock absorbing shoes. Resistant to extremely low temperatures and harmful chemicals. Slip-resistant and water-resistant soles. The footwear protects against injuries. Flexible materials also adapt to the evolving child’s feet. The rich and diverse offer by LEMIGO proves that the manufacturer not only specializes in the production of recreational footwear, but also in those for special tasks – meeting the high demands of hunters, fishermen, people working in difficult conditions, or in close contact with hazardous substances. In the offer LEMIGO, everyone will find footwear tailored to their unique requirements.


LORIN offers swimsuit for women, men, and children. Using fine fabrics, typically used by European manufacturers, LORIN focuses on the quality and variety of colors and styles. You will find here both chic models, bold, and original cuts, as well as comfortable, athletic cuts. The company also offers a variety of thoughtful extras that complement attractive beach styling. Experience, fresh ideas, and listening to the customer’s needs, helps LORIN enjoy a very good reputation.

Sesto Senso

A European brand associated with men’s, women’s, and children’s underwear of high-quality. A wide range of companies products consist of pajamas, T-shirts, leggings, pants, or swimsuits. SESTO SENSO however, specializes in the production of socks and tights. These products are characterized by remarkable durability, the use of innovative solutions and rich designs. For this reason, they are a popular choice for active people practicing sports. SESTO SENSO makes every effort to ensure that all the products offered by the company are extremely functional and reflect the latest fashion trends.


Company which specializes in women’s beach fashion. SHE creates its swimsuits according to both current and upcoming global trends. SHE designers also let your imagination run wild, creating truly unique models, which cannot remain unnoticed. Swimwear by SHE use high-quality materials and beautiful, thoughtful extras, because each suit is treated here like a work of art. The company does not lose the sense of the expectations and needs of their clients. They will satisfy you, which results in the continuing popularity of SHE swimsuits.


A reputable producer which offers women nice and comfortable lingerie, both for everyday and special occasions. VENA wants to make its clients look beautiful, and tempting, however to still feel an unparalleled comfort and convenience. Therefore, the production of the lingerie uses only carefully selected materials of excellent quality. Much emphasis is also placed on the precise finish and selections of appropriate additives. Interesting and fashionable design, rich colors, as well as an abundance of cuts and sizes will make every women find something for them from VENA.


The producer of robes and gowns WANMAR offers a wide selection of colors, patterns, and styles. Modern machinery and control over the production process, results in the excellent quality of the products from this company. WANMAR closely watches global trends and strives to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. The designers create perfectly tailored and comfortable models that stand out from the competition.


The manufacturer of socks and tights WOLA has an exceptionally rich experience which goes hand in hand with the innovative approach to the production process, as well as the need for continuous improvement and modernization. Thanks to this WOLA offers the highest quality products that will meet customers’ expectations. The wide range of products from the company are dedicated to men, women, and children. But that’s not all! WOLA recognizes the special needs of diabetics, people with circulatory problems and people struggling with the swelling of the legs. Especially for them a specialized line of products was created. They have a number of beneficial properties that will help to alleviate the symptoms, bringing comfort and relief. 


The company WOL-BAR is a renowned European producer of underwear, which specializes in designing women’s briefs, thongs, and shorts. The satisfaction of the clients is a priority for the company. Therefore WOL-BAR places great emphasis on the very high-quality materials used in production, as well as comfortable and elegant cuts in their underwear. Lace, fabric, and embroidery leads the European manufacturer using organic fabric and Egyptian mako cotton – underwear with such thoughtful and high-grade composition is placed for success. Proof of this is the enduring popularity of WOL-BAR products among clients who value comfort, class, and a beautiful appearance.