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Financial Times: Hisert is the fashion leader in the ranking of the fastest growing companies in Europe!

Financial Times, in cooperation with the Statista portal, has prepared a special report on the fastest growing European companies: FT 1000

Hisert was ranked at 1st place among the fastest growing fashion enterprises. In the general overview of 1000 of all the fastest developing European companies, Hisert occupies a high 62nd position. Of the 236 companies operating on the area of Germany, Hisert has taken the 14th place.

07.04.2017: The Financial Times Internet portal has published a FT 1000 list, on which one thousand fastest growing companies operating in Europe were identified. The compilation took into account companies that had the highest percentage increase in revenue between 2012 and 2015.

The position of the ranking leader in the fashion sector makes us especially happy because fashion has always been and will be the core of our business.

The fact that Hisert has been listed in a short interval of time twice (Wachstumschampion 2017) is a source of great satisfaction for us. We feel that the path which our company is following is the right one and the actions we undertake bring great results. Confirmation of this fact by independent sources greatly motivates us for further development.

The FT1000 Report: Europe’s fastest growing companies will be published in a printed version 24.04.2017. You can now view it electronically at: